Modern Nomad’s Offices


As a vagabond who works on the road I have had many kind of “offices” – these days going to the office means for me to walk 5 min to the kafenion in the middle of the village, but I’ve had my office in many different places – at beach bars next to amazing beaches, under a palm tree next to my hammock, on the bus, on the train, at train stations, at coffee houses and restaurants, in hotel lobbies, in hotel rooms…

When I arrive in a new place, first I’ll go to search for a good WiFi-connetion. Sometimes it can be much more harder than I thought. In Vietnam there was wireless connection everywhere, even in the middle of the jungle, same here in Greece, but surprisingly in such modern cities than Helsinki, Madrid or Istanbul, I needed hours to find a quiet corner for working.

Sometimes people ask me how I can concentrate on translating when I don’t have a regular job or a regular office – I just try to remind me how boring the life was as a 8 to 5 office worker and suddenly the motivation is back! Another common question is how to work while all another people around me are having vacation – I chose my lifestyle to have a kind of part-time vacation all the time, not only those few weeks in a year for recovering from the stressful all-day life.